Reading Rivers!

When we started Year 2, we had a go at creating our own Reading rivers, thinking of the books we enjoyed reading at home and school. Now we are at the end of Year 2, we completed this task again. We even wrote a little bit about each book saying why we enjoyed them! It is lovely to reflect on a year of wonderful reading!

Colour Mixing!

We have enjoyed our new art unit which is focused on colour mixing. First, we explored primary colours and what happens when they are mixed together. Then, we created own colour wheel showing all the primary and secondary colours!

Sports Day!

We thoroughly enjoyed our sports day last week – well done to the Blue Team for their victory! It was so lovely to see so many parents and family members coming to support our children – thank you for coming!

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations!

We’ve had a wonderful day celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee!

We started off the day reading books about the Queen and Buckingham Palace. This includes Paddington at the Palace, a story we know very well from our topic in the Autumn term!

We retrieved previously learnt information about past monarchs and Queen Elizabeth II and then made some wonderful collages, crowns and flags. We also added our money to the ‘Queen on the Crown’ collection for charity.

We then played some fun party games including pass the parcel and in and out the dusty bluebells.

We then had our picnic on the playground with a nursery, Reception and Year 1. We’ve had a super day!

Multi skills Trip

We went on our first school trip today! We were so excited to get on the bus to our multi skills trip

We then arrived and listened carefully to the instructions.

We had lots of different sports to complete and we had lots of fun.

We loved our medals!

Super Phonics and Reading

In our reading lesson each morning, we start with phonics. We recapped a sound we have learnt before, aw. We used our Fred fingers to ensure accurate spelling and then spelled the words.

We practised our common exception words in our partners and then started a new non fiction text – Going Underground and focused on the skill of Retrieval.