Multi skills Trip

We went on our first school trip today! We were so excited to get on the bus to our multi skills trip

We then arrived and listened carefully to the instructions.

We had lots of different sports to complete and we had lots of fun.

We loved our medals!

Super Phonics and Reading

In our reading lesson each morning, we start with phonics. We recapped a sound we have learnt before, aw. We used our Fred fingers to ensure accurate spelling and then spelled the words.

We practised our common exception words in our partners and then started a new non fiction text – Going Underground and focused on the skill of Retrieval.

Under the Sea – Setting Description

We are writing a setting description of Under the Sea this week. As our plan, we have created our own under the sea display. We are going to use this tomorrow to help us to write our setting description. This has also drawn on our learning from our previous topic, By the Sea.

When we have finished, our models and our writing will be displayed in our Year 2 corridor. So, stay tuned for our wonderful writing!

World Explorers!

We’ve started our new topic – World Explorers! We began by learning about a famous explorer – Sir Francis Drake. We asked and answered questions using historical sources. We enjoyed finding out the answers ourselves and then shared the information we found with the class.

Pupil Wellbeing Day!

We had lots of fun on our pupil well-being day on our first day back to school in the Summer term. We thought carefully about the rules of our classroom and our class charter. We played lots of team games to strengthen our resilience when things are hard or don’t quite go our way. Well done 2SC!

We have been enjoying our unit on time. We have learnt how to tell time to the o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We have learnt how to tell time in 5 minute intervals. This week, we have been thinking about the durations of different times. We ordered different lengths of time and enjoyed investigating this. We then investigated how many different activities we could do in 10 seconds and then 1 minute.

Dress as your hero!

Last week for Red Nose Day, we came dressed as our heroes. We had lots of wonderful costumes with lots of children coming as dressed as their own family members! One of our class came dressed as the author of one our favourite books, Ibtihaj Muhammad. Thank you for all of your kind donations to Comic Relief.

3D Shapes!

We explored 3D shapes today. We thought carefully about the faces that the shape has and whether they were flat faces or curved faces. We identified the different shapes and then sorted the shapes to match their name. We also played a guessing game to identify the different shapes by their faces.

Can you identify which shapes I am describing?

This shape has 6 flat faces that are all the same.

This shape has 1 curved face.

This shape has no curved faces. It has 5 faces, 1 is different from the others.

This shape has 3 faces. 2 are circles and 1 is a curved face.