Reading for Pleasure Day!

We have had a wonderful day on our first ever Reading for Pleasure day! We have thought about books we have read and enjoyed and put them on our reading rivers, we have learnt some browsing skills and thought about what books we would like to read and what books we might not like to read. We played some drama games and thought about books that we might like to read in the future.

We can’t wait for the next reading for pleasure day!

Reading Assembly

We had our first reading assembly today!

Mrs Hughes read us a wonderful story – Where the Wild Things Are!

2LA won the trophy this week for having the most children in their class that read 3x a week. I hope we can win it soon! Don’t forget to read at home at least 3 times a week!

A new story recommendation!

Hello 2SC!

There is No Big Bad Wolf in This Story by Lou Carter

It is a new week and that means another new book recommendation!

This is a funny story all about the Big Bad Wolf and how he is getting fed up of being in so many stories! How many stories can you think of with a Big Bad Wolf in? I wonder what the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood are going to do without the Wolf in there story? Find it in our book corner to find out!

As always, our virtual library is available to listen and to read stories at home alongside reading books that you’ve taken home from school.

Don’t forget to read at least 3 times a week at home and ask a grown up to write it in your Reading Record. We check this every Monday.

Billy and the Beast!

We have been immersing ourselves in our new book, Billy and the Beast!

We thought carefully about what Billy should do to help her friend in Decision Alley – have a look at our ideas below!

We also had a go pretending to be Billy and Fatcat walking through the forest. We stomped, crunched, splashed and jumped!

Listen below to the author of this story, Nadia Shireen reading the first few pages! I can’t wait to learn more about this story 🙂


Hello 2SC,

Make sure you haven’t forgotten your robot on Numbots!

I’m sure they’ll be getting rusty again without any practice!

Login and have a go at practising your number skills. I’ll be keeping an eye on how you’re getting on!


Your login will be the same from last year but we will be resending login details out shortly!

We are great Mathematicians in Year 2!

Welcome to Year 2!

Hello 2SC!

I am so excited to welcome you into Year 2 – I know we are going to have lots and lots of fun together!

We will be updating our blog regularly with important information as well as sharing photos of all the hard work do.

To kick start off our great year together – get comfy and listen to a lovely story!

See you soon! Miss Cook 🙂